Gravure & Flexo Printing Machines

Gravure Printing Machines

Max web width


Print speed


Register accuracy


Rewind/unwind dia


Plate cylinder dia


Drying method

electricity heating, steam heating or oil heating(choose freely)

Main features

1. Low-damping tension dancer system and low-friction air cylinder system are at high sensitivity control in order to assure constant print tension.

2. Humanistic design, pneumatic open/close drying hood at easy operation

3. Non-wearing cutter eliminates web crinkling and puckering when changing reel.

4. New- type doctor system in good stability

5. Impression rubber roller can be changed quickly for improving the work efficiency.

6. . Inner circulation system in the drying box, excellent drying performance

Flexo Printing Machines

Major performance and configuration
Printing length (repeat)
Highest machine speed 90 meters/per minute
Highest printing speed 80 meters/per minute
Plate thickness 2.28mm
Register precision Longitude ±0.25mm
Transverse ±0.25mm
Tension scope 3 ~ 50kg
Tension precision ±0.3kg
Unwind and rewind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Unwind and rewind material holder Air shaft
Press power Mechanic control
Inking Auto cyclic system, one diaphragm pump
Inking distributing deceleration motor (reduction ratio 1 : 50)
Drying model Electric heating /Infrared(hot air)
Bearing: NSK (Japan)
One direction bearing ASNU (Germany)
Air blower (large) 2.2kw / 2 pcs
Air blower (small) 1.1kw / 2 pcs
Master motor power 3.7kw (reduction ratio 1 : 5)
Deviation correction system Auto hydraulic pressure
Power: Voltage 220V/380V/440V, 3 PH, 50/60 Hz


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